How to Get Started in Hobby Grade R/C

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How To Get Started in Hobby Grade R/C

Well if you found your way to this article I guess you have made the decision to take the plunge into the Fascinating world of R/C. Let me be the first to say “Welcome to the hobby”. R/C is a great family oriented hobby with a great community of people that come together to have fun Bashing, driving, and racing their high performance radio controlled vehicles. There are many types shapes and sizes of hobby grade R/C vehicle to accommodate anyone”s interest, driving style, and budget. Almost everyone at some point in life has had fun with some form of remote controlled vehicle. This article is geared to inform you about the attributes of the hobby grade high performance radio controlled vehicle.

Lets start with the difference between hobby grade R/C and toy grade vehicles. Toy grade R/C vehicle are usually not as fast as hobby grade vehicles are and in the event of an accidental crash where something is broken there are not usually any spare parts available to fix it. Most hobby grade R/C vehicles are built durable to begin with but things happen sometimes and a hobby grade vehicle will usually have a spare part that can be purchased and the vehicle can be back up and running in no time. Hobby grade vehicles have much more sophisticated power trains and the suspension is usually tunable to your liking. This is not true with toy grade counter parts. So the driving experience may be a little more enjoyable with a hobby grade model. Also a large part of the fun with hobby grade models is the fact that they can be upgraded to be faster, drive better, or just to look cooler. There are many different types of hobby class vehicles to accommodate any skill level and budget. The best choice for a beginner would be a nice RTR (ready to Run) model. These models come with everything you need to get started.

How To Get Started In R/C

So you have chose to get a hobby grade model. Well there are just a few more considerations before you run down to the local hobby shop or click the buy button at First there is the decision of Nitro or electric. Nitro vehicles are a lot of fun and bring a 2-stroke nitro fuel powered engine to the mix that makes for great realism. The sound and smell of the nitro burning sure is awesome, but if you are new to the hobby it would probably be best to stick to the simpler electric vehicles until you have a little better understanding of the hobby. Sometimes nitros can be hard to tune and get running right and when you are new and just learning to drive it could be a little frustrating. Electric vehicles are plug and play. Literally all you have to do is plug in the battery and power everything on. This makes this super simple so you can get to driving and enjoying the hobby. In conclusion if you have some experience tuning fuel powered engines a nitro might be just right for you, but if you are looking for simplicity to just get out and drive then electric will be your best bet.

Something else you will need is a basic set of tools for working on and tuning you hobby grade model. While there are many specialty tools for the tuning and adjustments of your car there are a few basic things you will need as a beginner.

Commonly used tools:

  • Thin flat bladed screwdriver
  • medium Philips screwdriver (#1 or #2)
  • medium needle nose pliers
  • Allen screwdrivers (1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0)
  • lexan scissors

Extra tools for nitro:

  • Fuel Bottle
  • Glow plug wrench
  • After-Run oil
  • Fuel
  • 8 to12 AA Batteries for the radio system

Extras for Electric:

  • 4 to 8 AA batteries for the radio system
  • Car battery pack and charger (if its not Rtr)

Keep in mind that this is a basic list to get you started running and maintaining your new R/C vehicle. Once you have been playing around for a while and learned the basic skills you might want to try some of the specialty tools and high performance accessories that are also available. You want to try to avoid jumping straight into the highest tech tools and accessories at the start of your R/C adventure because this may only complicate your experience. In the beginning keep it simple and only buy the necessary equipment. Its best to use this time to get to know your model and develop an understanding of how these fascinating machines work.

Now that you have a little bit better idea of what you will need it’s time to find the right R/C vehicle for you. Get over to or visit a local hobby shop and get to searching. There are many different models out there to fit many different needs, but with the help of this guide you should be  able to narrow it down a little. Now get out there and check out all this amazing hobby has to offer. Have Fun!

Check out some awesome hobby grade R/C car action on our Youtube Channel. AllinRC Youtube