Rc Basics 101 – Getting to Know The Radio and Controls of Your New Rc

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Are you ready to start ripping up the yard with that brand new Rc? Well first you should get to know the Radio to try and avoid as many mistakes as possible. Good thing you are here cause the is exactly what this article is all about. So lets jump right in and start getting to know the radio.

First things first, the grip is the first thing I see when I look at the radio. The grip is usually held in the left hand and steering is controlled by the right hand. I have heard of a few left handed radios, but never seen one myself. All the lefties I have been around just learned to grip with their right hands. If you are a lefty and would like a radio that accommodates the Flysky Noble NB4 has a reversible steering wheel, but it’s not really an entry level radio. There maybe a bit of a learning curve.

Getting to know the Radio and controls of your new Rc

Next is the steering wheel. Usually controlled by the right hand the steering wheel turns right and left to steer the car. The wheel will only turn so far and then stops never try to force the wheel further than the stop point it will break. The steering works proportionally with the wheel so the farther you turn the steering wheel the farther the wheels on the car turn. Turning the steering wheel to the right turns the wheels to the right. Turning the steering wheel to the left turns the wheels to the left.

Getting to know the Radio and controls of your new Rc

Third we are going to take a look at the fun part, the trigger. Yeah you know that good ole go baby go button. It might seem a little backwards to some but when you pull the trigger back you will accelerate forward and when you push the trigger forward it applies the brakes or if you are stopped it will go in reverse. The trigger is like the steering in that it is proportional so the further you pull or push the trigger the faster you will go in the corresponding direction.

Number four on the list is going to cover the trim and dual rate switches or dials depending on your specific radio. Trims are for adjusting your throttle neutral and steering center. If your is powered and tries to move in forward or reverse you can adjust the throttle trim to neutral and make the Rc come to a complete stop. You will need to adjust your steering trim if you notice when you are moving the car tries to pull to the left or right on its own. The dual rate switch will limit how far an input can be made. So if your steering dual rate is set to 70% your wheels will only turn 70% at full steering wheel turn. It kinda deadens the steering to keep from over steering as much.

Getting to know the Radio and controls of your new Rc

Last is the bind button and the power switch. I think the power switch is pretty self explanatory. The bind button on the other hand, well it is for when your radio losses connection with the receiver in your Rc or you have a new receiver that you want to bind to the radio. To put it simple its to get the radio communicating with the receiver.

Thats it theres only one thing left to do get out there and practice. Even if you have never touched an Rc before, This should have you understanding what the radio is about and how to operate it. You’’l be a pro in no time!