Redcat Racing Everest 10 Aftermarket parts and Upgrades

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The Redcat Racing Everest 10 in my opinion is a great crawler. With that being said just like any other Rc that I have owned it could use a little help here and there. Now there is not a whole lot that is made specifically for the Everest 10, but there are a few things that will work. I intend to shed some light on a few of these items and give some pointers so you can look around for some other items too.

2.2 Beadlocks

First of all, I think that a set of aftermarket wheels and tires not only improve the performance of the Everest 10, but can also set off the look, and there are plenty to choose from. The Everest 10 has a 12MM hex and runs a 2.2 wheel. It is pretty flexible with tire choice due to its design. I Run  this set of aluminum bead lock wheels personally, but here are a lot to choose from. I am also pretty partial to the Proline Hyrax 2.2 in the G8 Compound. There are plenty of companies that make 2.2 tires though.

Next servo upgrades are an easy. I run this Savox servo on my Everest 10. There are more than enough servo options to choose from though. I would recommend Something in the 20 to 30 Kg power range and metal gears for strength.

servo upgrade

Another great upgrade for the Everest10 would be 4 wheel steering. It can be done pretty easily with a few links, a servo plate, and a servo. The biggest part of 4wheel steer is that you have to have a transmitter that will run it.

Get 4 wheel steer Parts Here

The Everest 10 is certainly a craaaaawler. From the factory it has a 54T brushed motor  and a 14T pinion. I like to use my Everest out on hikes a lot and this thing was really slower than walking speed. I could have just geared it up with a new pinion, but instead I went with more power. I upgraded with a Yeah Racing 35T Brushed Motor, and I just stuck with the factory pinion. It added that wheel speed I was looking for and it still crawls great.

Video of motor Upgrade

Rc motor upgrade

Another thing with the Everest that can be a little frustrating is the torque twist. Some guys like to take their build to a little more scale look and add some full length frame rails to move the shocks more upright and fixing the problem. I really wanted to keep the look and flex.On top of that I already have some scale rigs like the Gen 7 and Gen8. So, I got this skid from Vader Products. It took a little modding to the bottom of the battery tray, but other that that it was a bolt in deal. It worked great and didn’t really sacrifice any of the flex the Everest has.

At the time of writing this I have a set of aluminum axles that I plan on installing hopefully adding some weight, helping with strength and center of gravity. Also I have a lowering kit for added help with the COG.

I will also keep upgrading in the future and will update this post as I add other upgrades. So, come back and check for new stuff.