The Top 9 Tools For Your Rc Toolbox

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The 9 top tools for your Rc toolbox

So you have an awesome new Rc, Chances are it came with a few tools for removing wheels or maybe a basic Allen wrench. Hardly enough to really work on your new ride and not to be the bearer of bad news, but one day you will have to work on your Rc. You can ask anyone that has been in the hobby for a while and they will tell you one day the inevitable will happen. There will be an accident where parts will have to be replaced, but have no fear that is the one of the best parts of hobby grade Rc. In no time at all you can replace some parts and be back up and running. So lets go over the top 9 tools for your Rc toolbox

1. First thing is the hex drivers. Unless your Rc doesn’t have hex screws. Then you should probably skip to number 2. The hex screw is pretty common on a lot of Rc models. There are many different choices when it comes to hex drivers. In the Rc world MIP is kinda the gold standard and for good reason they make a great set of Hex drivers. You are not limited to just those though. There are also good options that are a little more budget friendly like this dynamite set or this handy duratrax combo.

The Top 9 Tools For Your Rc Toolbox
The Top 9 Tools For Your Rc Toolbox

2. You can never forget the old standards. Secondly I think that a good slotted and Phillips head screwdrivers are a must in the Rc toolbox. Also if you don’t have hex screws you probably have Phillips head screws and if not that there is a very high chance of seeing some in the Rc hobby anyway. So some high quality slotted and Phillips head driver are good to have.  Tamiya Makes some very nice ones.

#1 Phillips

#2 phillips

3. Needle-nose Pliers are also very handy in the Rc toolbox. A nice standard 5 or 6 inch pair will usually do the trick for inserting parts in tight spaces, holding wires for soldering, squeezing e-clips into place, and many other jobs. I personally have a set that comes with a few different Pairs. I have Straight 45 degree and 90 degree pairs for reaching some of those more hard to reach places. Its not necessary to have the 45 and 90 degree pairs a standard straight pair will be fine.

Rc tool box
The Top 9 Tools For Your Rc Toolbox

4. A nice set of flush cutters come in very handy in the Rc toolbox. Removing those little plastic pieces from the tree they come on is a breeze with a good set of the tamiya flush cutters. Just like the name implies these will cut flush with the surface of the part leaving a nice clean look. Tamiya cutters aren’t necessary there are lots of brands out there so choose one and definitely keep some of these on hand.

5. The old hobby Knife is next on the list. X-acto has this market covered with the choice all different blade shapes and sizes but I prefer to keep it simple and just go with the #1 handle and the triangular #11 blade. You’ll use this frequently for trimming decals and scoring bodies, and lots of other slicing tasks. Don’t be stingy with the blades, replace them as often as you need too for nice clean cuts.

x-acto knife

From here the list get to some of the more advanced tools things you don’t necessarily have to have, but as you grow and learn in the hobby you will definitely want to add them to the Rc toolbox.

The Top 9 Tools For Your Rc Toolbox

6. A good camber gauge is one of the first alignment tools you should get your hands on, but if you buy a camber gauge you should just go ahead and buy a toe-in gauge also. Because a good alignment on your Rc can completely change your driving experience. I promise if you get some of these in your Rc tool box you won’t be disappointed.

7. The next Rc tools to consider are some that I think go hand in hand and that is a body reamer and body scissors. Wether it be to prep a new body or to just cut a little of your factory body away. These are very handy to have around. Sometimes it is necessary to cut clearance for things like bigger tires and a good pair of body scissors will save you a lot of time. Oh you were thinking of adding some cool LED lights to your model. Well the body reamer will help you to make almost perfect holes to place them in. Also sometimes a new body will have to have to holes made for mounting and a body reamer will save the day there.

The Top 9 Tools For Your Rc Toolbox
Shock Pliers

8.Next on the list, you can never go wrong with a good set of shock pliers. Wether one day one breaks or if you are just tearing them down for routine maintenance you will have to work on some shocks. The shock pliers aluminum jaws allow you to disassemble the shock without scratching the shock shaft. Which is very important to keep the shock running smooth and as a bonus they are made to grip shock bodies and caps. But wait theres more, they have places to assist you with pivot balls. So they are a great addition to any Rc tool box.

9. I Think to finish up this list we should consider the power driver. There are a lot of screws to turn when working on your Rc. A good power driver can really speed up the process, but be sure to purchase a driver with a built in clutch. This is very important to keep from striping out screws and screw holes. The clutch allows you to set a slip point to keep from over tightening. A stripped screw or screw hole can really ruin a day. The premium units like this Dewalt can be expensive. I Think a cheap driver will work just fine for hobby use.

The Top 9 Tools For Your Rc Toolbox