Everest Gen7 Sport 1/10 Scale Crawler 4x4 Brushed Rc Truck



Everest Gen7 Sport 1/10 Scale Crawler 4x4 Brushed Rc Truck

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Everest Gen7 Sport 1/10 Scale Crawler 4×4 Brushed Truck

Looking for the perfect way to start your trail crawling experience? The Everest Gen7 Sport 1/10 Scale Crawler 4×4 Brushed Rc Truck is just that. Its tough to decide where to start so lets just start at the bottom. The Everest Gen7 Sport is built around a strong and durable performance chassis that features a 3mm steel ladder frame design. Its design comes from the top scale chassis builders BPC Custom Chassis and TG2 who lead their field with innovation and years of experience designing, building, and driving scale crawler and chassis components as well as 1:1 crawlers. Thanks to BPC Custom Chassis and TG2, the Everest Gen7 Sport has the best chassis hands down.

Sticking to scale the Everest Gen7 Sport sticks to the trail thanks to a set of licensed Interco Super Swampers. Exact scale replica of the high performance IROK Super Swamper tire from Interco uses a patented 3 stage lug design. This tire was specificallypicked for the Everest Gen7 Sport by 1:1 scale crawler enthusiasts for its proven winning performance. We left tire designing to the industry leader in off road tire design. Standard open cell foams have been specifically tuned for the Everest Gen7 Sport. The soft foam performs well with the nimble yet aggressive handling characteristics of the Everest Gen7 Sport while allowing Super Swamper tread design to do its job.

Steel inner and outer beadlocks mounted to multi spoke rims hold those Super Swampers on the Everest Gen7 Sport. The performance and versatility is shown once again with these true beadlock wheels. Access to changing and tuning tire foams is easy. 2 mm thick steel beadlock rings provide maximum strength for securing the tire during extreme wheeling.

The aluminum capped coil over shocks look great. Dual rate spring and tuned shock oil provide excellent stability that translates into a versatile shock setup for a wide variety of trail conditions. Solid axle carriers lock both left and right wheels for maximum grip in those tough trail situations.

The Hexfly Metal Gear Servo boasts high torque to supply ample power (15Kg at 6v) needs to navigate harsh trails. Metal gears translate to precise fail proof operation for the long haul.

The Redcat Racing High Powered Brushed 550 Motor Delivers more than enough power to the wheels to rip up the trail. Paired with the Hexfly Crawler ESC by HobbyWing with 3 selectable drag brake modes; 100%, 50%, and 0% and able to handle 5-9 cells NiMH, or 2-3S LiPo, the new Hexfly ESC is simply the best in its class.

All of this package is controlled with the Redcat Racing RCR-2CE 2.4GHz Radio with water proof receiver. The Redcat RCR-2CE radio has a lightweight sleek design in a compact and extremely durable package. Using 4AA batteries, the RCR-2CE radio is capable of extreme range with no signal loss. A flip up cover protects the adjustment controls from damage and debris. Throttle and steering reversing, throttle trim, steering trim, and steering dual rate adjustments are easily adjusted from the control panel. The included receiver is compact, lightweight and water proof.

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